Our Salesforce Tableau implementation services are aimed at making sense of your complicated and specific database by providing you with an understandable visualization of the same. We help you blend your CRM data from Customer 360 with other business data for obtaining valuable insights and improved customer understanding.

Connect Your Salesforce Data Seamlessly

Salesforce Tableau provides you with a centralized platform for carrying out all the processes pertaining to Salesforce and Tableau. It helps you integrate your CRM data with an automated data visualization platform for obtaining productive and personalized results. As you connect your Salesforce CRM data with Tableau, you get to focus on the most important metrics and KPIs for specific marketing/sales projects. The integrated platform allows you to take the data tracked on Salesforce and use it to obtain conclusive analytics on Tableau. These analytics help you make important decisions regarding a variety of business processes at every phase, be it lead management, prospecting, account management, pipeline coverage and many more.

Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component

Integrate personalized Tableau visualizations directly into Salesforce pages with Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component. Once we have got Salesforce Tableau implemented, all you need to do is drag and drop the tool to the required Salesforce page and paste the embedded URL of any Tableau viz for getting started. The tool helps you embed data visualizations from Tableau Server, Tableau Online or Tableau Public.

You have full control over the manner in which you view your data visualizations. You can adjust the look and feel of the visualization by changing the width, height and multiple toolbar options. Also, the tool allows you to set up advanced data filtering based on specific information within your database.

Utilizing The AI Power Of Einstein Analytics

Leverage the power of your CRM platform with the help of Einstein Analytics. With this artificial intelligence component used in Salesforce Tableau implementation, you can get your database scanned thoroughly and obtain information like marketing/sales forecasts, customer behavior predictions and many other fruitful recommendations.

Owing to its easy interface with little to no knowledge of professional coding required, you can incorporate Einstein Analytics in Tableau for better data visualizations and personalized business analytics. Moreover, the AI tool keeps track of all customer activities and informs you about the specific needs and preferences of your customers through an informative and aesthetic visual representation of data.