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Salesforce has enabled several features for the customers Finances and the related sub-verticals. Read more to know more.


Often insurance customers have to deal with a lengthy process of new insurances or have to explain a claim to an agent over and over again and they do not want to compete in the market and want to make their customer's journey from quote to policy administration to claim management. In order to provide a holistic view to the customer about their policyholders' experience, integration of insurance systems, the Systems must store, share and make use of the same data and the data must flow from initial information collection, underwriting, policy administration that results in reduction of cost, complexity and scope of errors.

We have industry expert consultants that will come with a bundle of knowledge proven to help you increase productivity, manage pipelines, drive renewals, target cross-sell opportunities and close more business.


We have moved on from traditional borrowing to digital as it is worth waiting for the customers coming to you because there are a bunch of wealth options available. If you have to get your borrowers to reach you in an appropriate way, you must make the borrower experience more customer-centric. The complex processes are inefficient because customers want everything done with a bunch of clicks. We can enable seamless experience to your borrower through Mortgage regulation, accountability and transparency in relationships, buying behaviour and lender interactions.

Investment Banking

Investment Banking covers a whole lot of things relationship management, activity reporting, Deal management, Channel marketing and marketing data integration. We need to have a company hierarchy, coverage teams and key metrics for relationship management. We need to report on activities with key action items and integrate with salesforce with outlook to sync contacts and events. Upon the inception of Opportunity, we need to track it to the mandate for visibility, planning and reporting. We can build and manage subscription and distribution lists and even integrate market data. We are committed deliver the cited Investment Banking services

Wealth Management

We can enhance your relationship by empowering your advisors with personal and contextual knowledge of the client. For your client on-boarding the process will be streamlined through real-time collaboration, automated workflow and by getting rid of manual processes. Your client relationships can be retained and even grown by tracking their households for whom you can provide clear and consolidated visibility into organized datasource.