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If you have got a Salesforce Maps to quickstart up and running, We've got a plan. Read the below sections to understand more.

Salesforce Maps


Timeline: 4 weeks

Key Benefits
  • Build a single, comprehensive view of each consumer to power 1-to-1 journeys
  • Market smarter with AI power predictive recommendations
  • Integrate every touchpoint and experience with brand across different channels
Team introduction and Discovery

We’ll discuss your goals for Salesforce Maps and your desired configuration options.

Maps Installation
  • Create five layers with up to three predefined criteria.
  • Configure hover fields with related lists from field data.
  • Configure the transportation mode, routing optimization and scheduling.
Maps Optimization
  • Configure up to two routes for optimization, up to 50 stops per route.
  • Create company and personal folders for route storage and sharing.
  • Configure units of measurements, default radius, markers and shape.
Maps Training

We will conduct a recorded training session with whoever you deem fit to train the other users in implementing Maps for other users.

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