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If you have got a Sales Cloud to quickstart up and running, We've got a plan. Read the below sections to understand more.



Timeline: 4 weeks

Key Benefits
  • Build a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers
  • Drive automation on time-consuming tasks
  • Improved analytical data and reporting
  • Close deals faster
Team introduction and Discovery

We will introduce our team to the client. Setup a discovery call then understand what to set up in Company Information; How many users to create and their respective Profiles and roles; Basic Sharing settings/Rules, Network access and login restrictions etc.

Lead Personalization

We will custom list views both shared and public and introduce lead scoring in order to differentiate hot leads from other prospects. We customize the out of the box lead conversion as per your need.

Accounts Configuration

We will setup record types apart from the out of the box as per your need and the set up business process. Will setup layouts per profiles, custom list views and record types. We will setup your account teams, their respective roles and accesses.

Contact Customization

According your business, we can setup your business or person contacts. Customize layouts and listview accordingly.

Opportunity Configuration

We will check your out of the box Opportunity configuration and make sure that aligns with your sales process by configuring Opportunity Teams, Business Process, Opportunity Splits etc.

Reports & Dashboards

Customize reports and dashboards as per requirements.

User Training

We’ll perform a custom one-hour webinar data import training session to train on importing Leads, Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce.

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