Mobile Testing

In today's world, the customers and businesses need to have easy access to all kinds of customer data to deliver a seamless experience. The Salesforce mobile app is Salesforce on the go, meaning that you can have easy access to the same data to craft meaningful conversations with your clients, while you are on the move. The best way to anticipate what Users will experience in Salesforce for Android and iOS is to try on supported mobile devices, in conditions similar to your Users. RaagviTech provides reliable mobile app testing services for functional, as well as non-functional testing of mobile apps.

Our mobile app testers have rich experience in using open-source mobile app testing tools.

Mobile Testing Services We Cover

Usability Testing

We test for app usability and for ease of use by simulating real-life scenarios

Functional Testing

We test thoroughly to validate all the functional scenarios of your app

Performance Testing

We test your app for robustness and identify performance issues if any

Automation Testing

Our automation testing expertise ensures a faster time to market for your app

Regression Testing

Our regression testing gives you the freedom to regularly update and scale up your app

Exploratory Testing

Our expertise in this area helps in uncovering hidden bugs

Compatibility Testing

We test your app for compatibility with all target devices and OSs

Security Testing

We test your app for any security holes and vulnerabilities

Interruption Testing

We simulate real-time interruption scenarios to ensure superior app performance

Why Choose Us

At RaagviTech, we strive to help customers across the globe to become device friendly. Our Mobile Testing Services will help you deliver customer centric, engaging experiences that compel customers to come back for more.

This is what you get when you engage with us:

  • Detailed analysis of ROI
  • A wide range of tools to fast-track testing
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Faster Tіmе-tо-mаrkеt.
  • Best in class uѕеr еxреrіеnсе (UX) and performance.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Detailed documentation
  • Ongoing support.