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If you have got a Field Service Lightning to quickstart up and running, We've got a plan. Read the below sections to understand more.

Field Service Lightning


Timeline: 4 weeks

Key Benefits
  • Build a single, comprehensive view of each consumer to power 1-to-1 journeys
  • Market smarter with AI: power predictive recommendations
  • Integrate every touchpoint and experience with brand across different channels
Team introduction and Discovery

We will introduce our team to the client. Setup a discovery call then understand what your field service requirements are and setup Workforce, Regions and Time tracking, Will configure your Work Orders and Inventory.

Setup Region & Workforce Setup

We will configure your region, service territories and locations to track service work by geography. We’ll model your work areas to also include warehouses, vans or work sites if needed.

Workforce & Time Tracking Setup

We’ll create service resources and crews modeled after your workforce grouped by skills and experience to be assigned service appointments. We’ll also establish operating hours and time tracking for reporting on time spent on assigned tasks.

Work Orders & Inventory Management

We ’ll configure work orders for tracking service requests & tickets based on customer records, including work order templates. We’ll also configure inventory management to view the storage, request, transfer and usage of every item in stock.

Salesforce Training

We will perform a custom webinar training session of your Salesforce application.

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