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If you have got a Higher Education Data Architecture to quickstart up and running, We've got a plan. Read the below sections to understand more.

Higher Education Data Architecture


Timeline: 4 weeks

Key Benefits
  • Build a single, comprehensive view of each consumer to power 1-to-1 journeys
  • Market smarter with AI: power predictive recommendations
  • Integrate every touchpoint and experience with brand across different channels
Team Introduction and Discovery

We’ll discuss your finalized goals for Salesforce, including a customization plan for customization to your higher education model.

Contact & Admin Account Setup

We’ll create your administrative account and customize the Contact record for storing student details and information.

Affiliations and Relationships

We’ll customize the affiliations record for tracking the connection of organizations with one another, and relationships for visualizing connections between individuals, such as a student and parents.

Program Plans

We’ll configure program plans and plan requirements for tracking individual academic plans for each student.

Courses and Academic Programs

We’ll configure courses and academic programs, those generally offered by the learning institution such as vocational or degree programs.

Salesforce Training

We’ll perform a custom, one-hour webinar training session of your Salesforce application.

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