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Our Salesforce professional services are aimed at helping you customize the platform of Salesforce for achieving your organizational objectives.


Streamline your business processes and plan for long-term success by handling your customer database effectively through our Salesforce professional Services. Salesforce has been helping organizations streamline their processes and make sense of their customer database for more than two decades. The CRM platform provides a single unified platform for carrying out processes pertaining to departments like sales, marketing, finance and senior management.

Our Salesforce professional services are aimed at helping you customize the platform of Salesforce for achieving your organizational objectives. Right from conceptualization to implementation, our Salesforce experts ensure that you choose the tools and features that best suit your organization.

Data Mapping

In software applications, there is a continuous interaction of data between the user interface and the database. Because of this frequent interaction of the UI with the database, there are certain aspects of data that needs to be taken care of such as:

  • Validate the mapping of the UI form fields with the corresponding columns in the database on a regular basis and verify with the business requirements documents.
  • Check for the successful completion of every user action. For eg when a user performs a specific CRUD operation (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete), the corresponding action gets triggered in the database.

Acid Properties Validation

As a thumb rule, for every transaction, a database must obey four properties – Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability, which are also included in our services.

  • Atomicity: This can be interpreted as a binary property, which means a transaction will either fail or pass, which means that if any part of the transaction fails, then the entire process will be marked as failed.
  • Consistency: This implies that every transaction will result in a valid state of the database.
  • Isolation: This implies that when multiple transactions get executed concurrently, results and the state of the database should be similar.
  • Durability: The transaction should be such that once it gets executed, any external factors should not be able to change the state of the database.

Data Integrity

For successful CRUD Operations, it is important to ensure that the last updated recent values of any shared data are reflected on all the user interfaces (forms, screens etc). And the values should be the same type.

‘CRUD’ operations are initiated by the database tool and are executed by the end-user on the software application.

  • C: Create – operation is triggered when the user ‘Saves’ any new data through a transaction in an application.
  • R: Retrieve – This operation is triggered when the user views data for any saved transaction.
  • U: Update – This operation is triggered when the user chooses to modify an existing record.
  • D: Delete – This operation is triggered when the user chooses to remove a particular record from the system.

For database testing to be effective, all the database test cases need to be designed in a way that they verify and validate the data to ensure its consistency.

Business Rule Compliance

For complex databases, components such as triggers, relational constraints, views, stored procedures, etc. need to be verified and validated as per the business requirements.

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